Concept of Marketing

In the business field, forms of work and organize the enterprises are continually changing. In the last times, the word “marketing” resonates in all them work and each time charged more forces.

In lines General, we could say that is a discipline that has as objective analyze the behavior of the market and to its time, the of them consumers.


The marketing seeks to know, highlight and capture to the customers meeting their needs. We could say that it is a tool that every company must manage and meet. In addition, we could say that it is a mixture between selling advertising and customers to achieve this.

History of marketing

All begins in the time medieval, when them craftsmen see that are creating more material of which need (or that them leftovers) and that can get an income with it.

In the year 1969 Kotler and Levy proposed show to the marketing as a science that had scope for all type of organizations, more than of that have or not purposes of profit.

At end of the 1970s only marketing related companies, then its definition was different, considering that they focused only on transactions of products or services.

In recent years this has changed and now this science not only deals with the relationships of exchange involving money, but it also focuses on there is a welfare society, with which the new definition of marketing would be something like “that mechanism economic and social through which individuals can see satisfied their needs and wishes through the creation and exchange of products “, services or what has value for those who give it or receives”.

In the relationship of Exchange that proposes the marketing, must exist at least two parts that involve their interests to carry to out that process.

What offers the marketing

In addition to what is already named above, it is necessary to explain that this science sells ideas and concepts.

For example, a need is to have a vehicle that provide us with mobility of fast, comfortably and safely, there we think of a car, but what happens when we think of a high-end car? It works the same as one current, the seats are as comfortable and we will give you the appropriate speed for the city, but “it is not the same”. Why? Because the concept of that auto expensive not is the same that the of the auto joint. The car of high range is comfort, is luxury, elegance, which is us occurs, and the truck simple is simply transport.

Occurs it same with others products of acquisition more frequent, as them meals, in where one not buy food, but fun, energy, happiness, what is us can occur, then the customer want those ideas much rather than to the product in itself, perhaps until the product is bad, but they want the idea that you gives to them and to the world to the consume it.

He marketing applied you gives a plus to them sales because makes that the customer see that concept that you gives a value added to the product or service, that it removes from it current.

Desires, needs and demands

So this science there must exist some elements: demand, desires and needs, since marketing wants to satisfy the wishes and the needs that are demanded by consumers.

If there is a need is there a alleged that generates a vacuum in the life of the consumer who must fill to create a feeling of well-being.

Maslow proposes a pyramid of needs where the most primitive, biological or basic are below, such as shelter, food and shelter, and climbing the steps we have needs that appear as soon as met the former, such as education, health and recreation.

A wish instead is a longing of something that not is really necessary, the wishes are conditioned according to several factors as the sex, the age, the culture, etc. Those desires, to difference of the needs, are limited.

The influence exercised by e marketing on demand is limited to the desires, since the needs are not manipulated by being inherent to the human condition.

The product or service and utility

Marketing generates temporary utilities. If the purchases were made in a rational manner always it would be a useful acquisition, but as this is nothing more than a measure with which we see the satisfaction and in reality not all purchases are rational (sometimes are impulse or whim that we later regret) can not always talk about useful shopping.

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